Survey products include:

Pre Purchase/Condition Surveys
A pre purchase/condition yacht or motor boat survey is normally instructed once the offer has been made and accepted prior to the sale completion, generally referred to as ‘subject to survey’.

The pre-purchase/condition survey is the most comprehensive type survey product and covers every aspect of relevant structure and systems found within the vessel.

Naturally, the underwater sections, stern gear, seacocks and skin fittings are of paramount importance and thus would require the vessel to be ashore or in some cases made available in slings for a short period of one or two hours. Ideally, ashore for a day or so creates the ideal environment for those all important through hull fittings and devises.

Pre-purchase Surveys

The inspections will require in most cases a full day and the report available normally within three working days after.

Listed below would be the normal contents included within the survey inspection.

  1. General Notes
    1. Scope
    2. Limitations
    3. Conditions
  2. Summary
    1. Summary
    2. Recommendations
  3. Vessel Data
    1. Name:
    2. Dimensions and Identification
  4. Hull, Deck and Structure
    1. Hull Below Waterline (Keel if applicable)
    2. Topsides Above Waterline including Rubbing Strake etc.
    3. Deck Moulding
    4. Coach Roof
    5. Cockpit
    6. Hull/Deck Joint
    7. Bulkheads and Structural Stiffening including Internal Mouldings
  5. Steering, Sterngear, and Skin Fittings etc.
    1. Steering
    2. Stern Gear
    3. Cathodic Protection
    4. Skin Fittings and other Through Hull Apertures
  6. Deck Structures
    1. Main Companionway and other Accesses to Accommodation
    2. Ports, Windows etc.
    3. Pulpit and Stanchions
    4. Ground Tackle and Mooring Arrangements
    5. Other Deck Gear and Fittings
    6. Davits and Boarding Ladders
  7. Rig
    1. Spars
    2. Standing Rigging
    3. Running Rigging
    4. Sails and Covers etc.
  8. Safety
    1. Navigation Lights
    2. Bilge Pumping Arrangements
    3. Fire Fighting Equipment
    4. Life Saving and Emergency Equipment
  9. Engine/s
    1. Installation
    2. Running and Service Checks
    3. Controls and Indicators
    4. Exhaust System
    5. Fuel System
  10. Accommodation and On-Board Systems
    1. Accommodations General
    2. Gas Installation
    3. Freshwater Tanks and Delivery
    4. Heads and Black Water
    5. Electrical Installation
    6. Electronic and Navigation Equipment
    7. Heating and Refrigeration.

Once you have received your document report we can discuss its findings and your intentions.

A valuation is not part of the standard survey product but can be incorporated with prior arrangement.

Insurance Renewal Surveys
Insurance Renewal Surveys are periodically required by underwriters to verify and determine an acceptable risk and seen by some owners as a good opportunity to keep on track with planned maintenance to protect their asset and the vessels sea worthiness.

In many ways the inspection is similar to the pre-purchase/condition survey but as you already own the vessel it does not refer in as much detail to its cosmetic condition as structural integrity is the key sought conclusion.

Naturally, the underwater sections are all important and as with pre-purchase, the vessel is required to be out of the water for inspection. Often a good time for many owners to schedule this in with their insurer is during a winter layup period.

Tonnage Measurements
Part 1 registration has many advantages clearly identifying you as the owner and having a unique vessels name.
Tonnage Measurements

Part 1 is normally required if the vessel is being purchased with finance using a marine mortgage. It can enhance the vessels value as well as smooth your passage in foreign waters.

I am able through the YDSA to calculate tonnage measurements on vessels up to 24m in length.
For purposes of required measurements the vessel can be attended afloat.

ValuationsThere are many reasons a valuation may be required upon a vessel especially in the purchase and initial insurance situation. Additionally for divorce, probate, finance, damage and enhanced value after refit, plus many others.

Naturally a detailed inspection of the vessel is required plus research into similar type values balanced by market and economic conditions.

Pre Inspection Viewing
Pre Inspection SurveysSome clients before they go to considerable efforts and associated costs especially if the vessel of interest is a distance from home, find a preliminary Pre-Inspection Viewing a valuable resource to avoid a time consuming wild goose chase.

The inspection will help assess the general condition and value plus its suitability in line with your intended use and any potential updating of equipment that may be required.

Hull and Deck Condition Surveys
It goes without saying that if the hull and deck are not fit for the purpose, then neither will the rest of the equipment stand much of a chance too.

A hull, deck and structural survey is often a good place to start if as a DIY owner for example you are preparing for a major refit with much new equipment and fittings to install, and need piece of mind that the environment will support your investment and future aspirations.

Sometimes clients just need piece of mind after an unexpected grounding or a particularly rough passage that all is well, or have noticed a minor leak or creaking sound that they feel requires specific investigation.

Insurance Damage Surveys
In most insurance claim situations the damage survey is instructed by the insurance company, following a claim by the policyholder. On occasions the policyholder believes they require their own surveyor to represent their better interests, which we can cater for.

An appointed surveyor will ascertain the extent of the damage, estimate the time and type of repair required and in some cases project manage it through to a successful handover.

Accompanied Viewings
For some, especially those entering or moving up in the market, unfamiliar vessels can be a little daunting.
Accompanied Viewings Accompanied Viewings 2 An accompanied viewing can very often remove that air of mystery and allow you a more relaxed environment to absorb your potential new surroundings. On occasions it can become evident that the boat will not fit your purpose or in fact has inherent faults that would have involved you in unnecessary pre-purchase costs and wasted time. Finding the right boat that fits the budget and on time really does prepare you for making the most of your precious time afloat.
MCA SCV Commercial Code Compliance 'Level 2'
If a vessel is not being used for domestic pleasure purposes it is deemed in commercial operation and invariably requires to be MCA Code Compliant. Vessels carrying up-to 12 persons or a tonne in cargo under ‘Level 2’ can be certified through the YDSA as the certifying authority.

As with a condition, insurance renewal or pre-purchase survey the vessel is required to be inspected out of the water during the process and invariably two visits will be required to inspect and sign off the vessel in accordance with MCA code compliance.

Additionally if the subject vessel is a motor boat a heel test will be required and potentially a stability book draw-up by a Navel Architect.

Osmosis Inspections
Early identification and preferably avoidance, are so often the key to the ergonomic and potentially expensive process of osmosis treatment.


Pre-Purchase/Condition and Insurance Surveys are a good opportunity to establish either the development of, or the potential environment for the onset of osmosis. However, these inspections are often with considerable interval periods which if intersected periodically may have helped to avoid or slow down the onset of blistering. If you suspect due to age, use or appearance that an under body inspection may be key to either piece of mind or a strategic plan of action to protect your asset I can compile a comprehensive report outlining the potential for blistering, the established level and advise on a course of action.

General Consultancy
General Consultancy General ConsultancyNumerous subjects and requests for opinions on vessel related failures such as keel movement; drive shaft vibration etc. plus equipment choice and repair options require specific investigation and reporting.

Please call for an informal conversation to establish a course of action.

Engine and Drive Inspections
A specific inspection of the engine/s, gearbox/s and drives, especially in motor vessels can give considerable peace of mind and in some cases avoid costly and potentially dangerous situations.
Engine Drive Inspections

A report is generated outlining general serviceability, condition, findings plus suggested repairs and maintenance as required.

Such attention, especially on a motor boat can improve the vessels market appeal and potential value plus minimise untimely failures and unexpected down time.

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