The fees payable are based upon a standard vessel type with accommodation and location. Cost adjustments may be possible for open type day boats. Prices below set out a broad standard cost scale, but please call or email and I will attempt to be as competitive as possible to help confirm your request.

Fees for vessels under 48 feet LOA

Service Fee
Pre-Purchase/Full Condition Survey  (Ins)
£20.00 / ft
Min £440
Insurance Renewal Condition Survey  (Ins)
£19.00 / ft LOA
Min £418
Hull & Deck Condition Survey
£13 / ft LOA
Min £286
Hull Condition Survey external only (eg: Osmosis)
£12/ ft LOA
Min £264
Pre-Inspection Viewing
£7 / ft LOA
Min £165
Accompanied Viewing
£7 / ft LOA
Min £165
Valuation Opinion Report
£10 / ft LOA (valuation note)
Min £220
MCA Commercial Code Compliance ‘Level 2’ (CA-YDSA) £22.00/ft+CA charges if applicable
Damage Inspections
Please call to discuss
Min £275
Engine & Drive Inspections

  • Single installation
  • Twin installation
from £155
from £225
General Consultancy / Miscellaneous Reports  £75 p/hr
Tonnage measurements
Accordance with certifying authority (YDSA)
£5.00/ft+CA fee
Sea Trial and Report
£11/ft LOA
Min £242

Price for vessels over 48 feet LOA and multihulls please add £1.50/ft. For steel vessels please add £3.00/ft.

No VAT is payable on the above fees.

Travel cost within South Devon (Torbay-Plymouth) included. Thereafter, 45p per mile.

Expenses, such as distance travel & flight tickets etc will be charged by mutual agreement. Some marina’s may charge for site fee’s and parking.


Valuation note: A Valuation Opinion at the end of an Insurance Renewal or Pre-Purchase Survey is charged at just £49.00 as apposed to a stand alone valuation assessment.

Ins: Suitable for insurance & renewal cover